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With OlyCash, you become the one.
With many ways to earn and pay, the world of OlyCash revolves around you. We built you tools to amplify your earning abilities and automate your most repeatable activities - with you still in control. All this leaves your cash to work hard for you with more abilities and reach when compared to "normal" cash.
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Paying With OlyCash.
Any website, app or offline merchant that accepts OlyCash shall indicate so before you make a payment. Payments are made with your cash, Debit Code, Mobile Money, Card, PayPal or Credit Code. All methods except the Debit Code do not require prior membership to make or receive a payment.

Payment options range from mobile app, SMS to bulk payment options depending on your requirements.
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Receiving Payments.
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To start accepting payments using OlyCash, create an account. Continue to add an OlyCash Plugin to your website/app, display your free OlyCash Seller poster at your premises or get paid by sending a Payment Request to a payer's email address or telephone.
If you operate a business that needs special configuration, such as a biller or event organizer, please
contact us to get started.

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Bill Payments.
USD 1 1%
You can make or schedule bill payments using the OlyCash app or SMS. Bill types range from utilities such as water and electric bills to insurance, visas or loans. You also have an option to suggest a biller for addition and they can be included in the searchable biller's list based on demand.

For your first bill, you are required to provide all information relevant to complete payment for that bill. After which, you simply need to review and update any details which have changed to resubmit. Paying bills with OlyCash has the following benefits:
  • Never pay a late fee again by scheduling your regular and planned bills. You get a reminder before the bill is sent out for correction in case there may be a mistake.
  • Very low competitive fees to make payments.
  • Does not require re-entry of your billing information for each submission.
  • A wider range of bills that can be paid in one go under the same account - freeing you of the hassle to remember multiple billers' accounts, details and logins, physical visits and time on customer support calls.
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Trading in OlyCash codes.
Earn money with OlyCash by facilitating the conversion of cash to OlyCash QR codes (and the vice-versa) for a fee. You set this fee and your own hours. You are encouraged to set the fees for your service at an amount above the OlyCash charges but not too high beyond the reach of your customers as this shall affect the quality of service or drive them to another OlyBoss competitor. As an OlyBoss you are able to do the following:
  • Issue Debit Codes to shoppers
  • Fund Credit Codes
  • Cash out Debit Codes
  • Facilitate bill payments
  • Register and verify OlyCash Customers
  • Respond to questions about OlyCash based on your knowledge and experience with the service
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Media Services.

Earn instant cash from creating and sharing your video and audio content worldwide. OlyCash Media Services put the power back in your hands by enabling you to engage with and monetise your audiences directly whether you're an upcoming or experienced content creator, an individual or a corporate media label:
  • Livestreaming to followers
  • Prepare presentations from PDF to video
  • Charge for viewing your video or listening to your audio
  • Collect payments (tips, donations, sales) in live video or via SMS in audio
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