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Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below for a quick answer. Contact us if you can not find what you are looking for.
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How to open up an account?
An OlyCash account is a universal account you can use to log into your OlyPages or OlyCash app, and other portals in the OlyCash ecosystem. You can open an account at the bottom of this page. You will receive a temporary password for verification at the next step and gain access to the OlyCash ecosystem.
How do I pay a contact?
To make a payment with OlyCash,
1) Obtain an account (at the bottom of this page).
2) Add funds to your OlyCash wallet using the OlyCash app, SMS or a nearby OlyBoss (agent).
3) Send money to any contact using the OlyCash app or by SMS.
How do I get paid with OlyCash?
To start accepting payments using OlyCash, obtain an account (at the bottom of this page) and then
a) Continue to add an OlyCash Plugin to your website/app, and/or
b) Send yourself an OlyCash Seller poster (for offline payments) using the OlyCash app and/or
c) Send a payment Request to a payer's contact address using the OlyCash app.

When a payment is made, you are notified about the payment and funds are instantly added to your OlyCash account. Please note that for restricted accounts, where you are expected to deliver a physical purchase to a buyer, your funds are added to your wallet as PENDING and made AVAILABLE for withdrawal as soon as the buyer receives the ordered item or service.

For donations, unrestricted accounts or goods and services provided in advance or real-time, funds are instantly made AVAILABLE.

If the payment is submitted with a Credit Code, you are notified about the payment and the buyer is allocated the duration of the code expiry period to fund the Credit Code.
Can I automate my bill payment with OlyCash?
Yes you can. Use the OlyCash app to setup your bills for payment now or in the future. This can be at a repeatable schedule e.g., monthly rent payments.
How do I add or withdraw money from OlyCash?
You can fund your OlyCash wallet in many ways. These include
a) Low-tech options like SMS or an OlyBoss (OlyCash agent),
b) Manual options like EFT or delivering your cash to an OlyCash escrow bank account
c) High-tech options like Mobile Money, PayPal and more.

To withdraw your funds the above methods apply in reverse with applicable third-party fees.
Does OlyCash work in multiple currencies?
Yes. OlyCash works in many currencies. The OlyCash system normally chooses a currency based on your location when you register - which you may change in your settings.
How do I get my account statement?
A live stream of your transaction records is available in the OlyCash app. Login using your details to access.
Downloadable and printable versions of the transaction reports are also available in the OlyPages admin system for sellers and other service providers.
What fees should I be aware of?
Most activities in the OlyCash ecosystem are free to start. Common usage fees are detailed on our pricing page.

Extra service charges are dependent on usage and module combination for the particular user situation and are communicated to the user beforehand. If you wish to know more on this, please contact us with details of your use-case.
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