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Powerful and secure solutions to drive your business payment needs.
With our modular approach, you can use OlyCash as little or as much as you need in your business. Only pay for what you need, when you need it. No upfront costs or setup fees.
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Bulk Payments
FREE USD 199 0.5%
Pay to any number of staff, vendors and other beneficiaries in a go using the OlyCash Paymaster module. Simply add (or upload a file of) their email or telephone contacts and corresponding amounts and securely send the payments in one click. Payees do not have to be current OlyCash users to receive a payment.
  • Set your budget
  • Assign or remove payment agents and adjust their limits
  • Schedule payments
  • Cover the OlyCash withdrawal fee on behalf of your payee or pay for free for the payee to do so.
  • Download or print instant and immutable reports

Start Payments
FREE USD 499 0.5%
Sell your goods and services online and offline and get paid using a wide range of options with OlyCash. Reduce cash handling which may cause theft, fraud or corruption. In return, you can then scale your business by automating processes and increasing your staff output.
  • Flexible Point-of-Sale (POS) or branch configuration and real-time sales tracking
    Set up any number of POS, branches, sales agents (cashiers, sellers), etc within minutes. Track sales in real time.
  • Unlimited reach
    The OlyCash service is online and can be extended offline.
  • Zero fraud and theft
    Reduce risk of at-store or in-transit theft of your business cash-box or fraud and side-dealings by staff due to the reduced cash exposure.
  • Secure and instant funds settlement
    Available as soon as the shopper has paid.
  • Improved customer experience
    Reach more of your customers online and offline. Share your store-front across different social media and websites. Improve transaction speeds while building better customer habits which translate to more purchases even of small items or micro-payments.
    Use more features of the OlyCash ecosystem such as reward codes, coupons, OlyTags, funded-sales and paid links to grow sales and build loyalty to your business at little to no extra cost.
  • Cost savings
    There are no upfront fees to get started. At OlyCash, we only make money when you do. Our main goal is to empower growth of your business.
  • Receive any amount in donations
    If you wish to fundraise for a cause, you can start receiving donations at in less than 10 minutes upon approval. To submit a new donation campaign, go to   You can also receive donations on your own website using an OlyCash widget.
  • Invoice on your schedule
    Schedule invoices for sending out on your schedule using the OlyCash app. Get paid once or on regular bills without need for re-entry or making uncomfortable reminder conversations. OlyCash does the reminding for you.

Start Selling
FREE USD 499 5%
Set up events and sell tickets online and offline to remote event goers. Sell in advance and never have to worry about counterfeiting tickets. Our scalable solution ensures that your event, no matter the size, is a success.
  • Set up unlimited events in advance. Publish only those whose tickets you wish to start selling. Share on any media online or offline to promote.
  • Generate fraud proof tickets.
  • Assign or remove agents for offline ticket sales and venue security access. Agents scan or enter ticket code to mark as used and/or paid.
  • Remotely track ticket purchase and venue usage in real time.
  • Instant settlement for every ticket sold.
  • Get, download or print instant immutable reports for your event perfomance.
Start Ticketing
FREE USD 299 3%
Make money transporting items for yourself or OlyCash customers whether you have a vehicle or not. Pick and drop items on your commute or trip and earn extra cash.
  • Work from anywhere at anytime.
  • No upfront investment in vehicle is required. A vehicle is only an extra advantage. Use a vehicle, bike, or trip to deliver an item.
  • Earn extra money on your own schedule.
  • Fine tune and manage your offline shipping business with the same account.

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Savings & Credit
FREE USD 499 2%
Run any size of Savings and Cooperative Organization (SACCO) or Credit Union tasks with OlyCash. Automate loan disbursement, scheduling, reminders and payments. Easily collect savings and payments using any media available in your target market; from low-tech (such as agent-assisted or SMS) to high-tech such as mobile app submissions.
  • Free unlimited membership.
  • Manage agents for loan disbursement, assign or remove and set their amount limits and access.
  • Automatic generation and implementation of amortization schedule.
  • Set interest rates, late payments and fees.
  • Get, download or print instant immutable reports for your loan and savings performance.
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Funded Sales
FREE USD 499 2%
Sell on credit or fund credit sales and earn back your money with interest. Remotely offer credit to vetted customers and conveniently and securely collect through OlyCash. Receive your paybacks instantly to pay your vendors or make more money by lending the funds out again.
  • Customize fees (Interest rates, payback days and penalties)
  • Auto-manage branch, point-of-sale and teller budgets
  • Determine borrowing limits and likelihood of repayment automatically
  • Added transparency for operations with multiple selling and lending partners for real-time tracking of account activities
  • Sell, cash in, and get paid via SMS. No internet or internet-enable device required for your tellers and buyers
  • Download, print immutable reports

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Media Services.
FREE USD 299 5%

Earn instant cash from creating and sharing your video and audio content worldwide. OlyCash Media Services put the power back in your hands by enabling you to engage with and monetise your audiences directly whether you're an upcoming or experienced content creator, an individual or a corporate media label:
  • No ads in your videos or audio
  • Host your videos or audio on your own website; charge Pay-Per-View or subscription
  • Co-host and share whiteboard with livestream or saved session
  • Add your own branding on the video and audio - including intro and finish
  • Grow your brand and sales with media you fully control
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