Shop or pay bills with cash from anywhere for local and international businesses.
No Need For a Bank Account
With OlyCash, you do not need a bank account to buy things online or pay bills at your local or international businesses. Regardless of location, if a business accepts OlyCash, we shall take care of making sure they get paid. 
All you need is to fund your OlyCash account (from the OlyCash app or OlyPages) using your PayPal, Credit or Debit card, EFT or simply deposit the cash to an OlyCash bank account or go to your nearest OlyBoss (a business or individual with a funded OlyCash account you will find through the app), hand them the cash that covers what you want to buy plus their fee, they notify OlyCash and you will receive a code on your phone from OlyCash. That’s it! Use your code to shop or pay bills without ever stepping into a bank, pay bank fees, maintain minimum balances or jump through hoops to open a bank account.
Please ensure you independently receive your Debit Code from OlyCash to your registered contact before leaving the presence of the OlyBoss.
No Credit or Debit Card Needed
Good news! You will never need a credit or debit card to shop online at any business that accepts OlyCash. All they need is you to enter an OlyCash code and they will receive your cash payment. Say bye bye to card transaction charges, credit card interest payments and being virtually locked out of good deals online because you do not have a credit card to shop there. 
Now, all you need is your code and you have access to shop at any place near or far away from you. As long as the seller is willing to deliver the goods or service to you, you can shop at that seller whenever you want.
Buy Anywhere/Anytime
Whether the website or app or business is near you or on another continent, you can buy from them at the tap of a button as long as they accept orders from your location. 
With OlyCash, you now have access to high quality international and local products from any country or place, whether it is USA, China, South Africa, or your nearby town, the reach of your purchasing power is now limitless!