Reach more customers and get paid faster by accepting OlyCash. You can now sell your goods and services to local and remote customers.
Plug and Play Payment Button
Setting up OlyCash payment button is as simple as:  
  1. Obtain an OlyCash account
  2. Login into
  3. Go to pay requests
  4. Click add button
  5. Click save and send
  6. Check your email for the HTML code of the button and
  7. Add this code to your website or app.
You are now ready to accept cash payments using OlyCash from your visitors worldwide!
The whole process is so simple, it can be completed in less than a minute. It has never been easier to grow your business reach. Yet this process is FREE of charge to you as a seller.
Faster Fulfillment
Since shoppers are paying you with cash, your payment is instantly credited to your OlyCash account. 
Withdrawal of your available funds is instant at any OlyBoss location. However, if you want to withdraw your money to your bank account, please account for delays due to traditional bank transfer time-frames. 
Sell Anywhere/Anytime
Your target market location is now worldwide! With an online store, you can now sell to any one from anywhere. You are no longer limited by not being able to accept payments online because your customers do not have a credit card. You can now accept cash payments.
A word of caution; make sure you can fulfill international orders while still making profit as shipping costs and taxes may affect your net profit if priced according to local market conditions only.