Let your money make more money. Earn money in fees for buying, selling or cashing out OlyCash codes. You become an OlyBoss by selling your first debit code after funding your account with us using your preferred method;
Add funds by:
  • Receiving your first payment with OlyCash
  • Mobile Money 
  • Direct deposit to the OlyCash Escrow bank account,
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/TT) from your bank account to the OlyCash Escrow bank account,
  • Using PayPal or your Credit or Debit Card
The OlyCash Escrow Bank account can be used in the following countries: 
  • USA: Bank of America, Account No. 325107191474, SWIFT Code: BOFAUS3N (USD) or BOFAUS6S (other currencies) 
  • Uganda: DFCU Bank, Account No. 01063554677086, SWIFT Code: DFCUUGKA
  • Uganda: Barclays Bank of Uganda Limited, Account No. 6005969997
Set Your Business Hours
As a boss (business or individual), you can set if you are available to offer OlyCash services or not by turning the service ON or OFF. When turned OFF, shoppers cannot find you when they search for OlyBosses near them. Please remember to turn this ON when you open for business again.
This freedom gives you the flexibility to work only when you want to and relax when you don't need to. If you are operating OlyBoss as a business, you can turn the service ON when your business is OPEN and OFF when your business is CLOSED.
Set Your Rates
You can always set the rates for the fees you want to charge your OlyCash customers. 
Please note that these rates should not deviate too much from the base rates published by OlyCash. Overcharging customers will drive them away to your competitors and lead to loss of business for both OlyCash and you.
Less Than a Minute Setup
To become an OlyBoss, follow the simple process below
  • Fund your account or link an electronic funding source
  • Turn ON the Boss mode from your OlyCash app menu,
  • Sell your first Debit code

That’s it! In less than a minute, you become a registered OlyBoss and start having your money make you more money.